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Radon in the News

ATSDR Releases Toxological Profile for Radon to Public Comment

ATSDR has released the draft Toxilogical Profile for Radon. You can obtain a copy from the ATSDR Website. Public comments period ends on February 27, 2009.

Order your NRAM Collateral Now

It is time to place your order for free radon collateral to supplement your 2009 National Radon Action Month outreach activities and events. Orders will be processed by TV Access, a contractor of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Only requests from regional, state, local government radon contacts will be filled until December 17, 2008.

After that date, TV Access will begin filling orders received from other radon stakeholders while supplies last.

The collateral of pens, sticky note pads, and rulers are imprinted “Live Healthy & Green – Test for Radon, www.epa.gov/radon”. Pens and note pads are white, with a green trim and imprint. The rulers are green with a white imprint . You can order 1-2 boxes of sticky post its, one box of pens, one box of rulers. Send an email with the following information to : orders@tvaccess.com.

In the email please state QUANTITY* AND DELIVERY INFORMATION (see below):

QUANTITY* requested:

National Radon Training Conference & International Radon Symposium

National Radon Training Conference & International Radon Symposium

The 2008 International Radon Symposium and 18th National Radon Training Conference are fast approaching. AARST, CRCPD, and US EPA will build on the Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign launched last year, sharing strategies and tools to meet the goal of doubling the number of lives saved from radon-induced lung cancer in the next five years. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in September! 

Radon Professionals Solve Problem at Zephyr Cove Elementary in Lake Tahoe

Radon Professionals Solve Problem at Zephyr Cove Elementary in Lake Tahoe

Radon at Zephyr Cove Elementary School is back down to acceptable levels, and the Lake Tahoe school will open for the fall semester on Wednesday.

The Douglas County School District received a letter from the state Department of Health and Human Services saying that all test results in the school were half the radon limit on Aug. 11, the deadline to determine if students would attend Zephyr Cove this year.

Zephyr Cove long has had issues with the gas, partly because of the numerous crawl spaces and additions. The Douglas County School District was one of the first in the state to test for radon in 1989 when levels reached 25 picocuries per liter. Under normal conditions, it was the equivalent of smoking half a pack of cigarettes a day, according to a consultant.

School district Superintendent Carol Lark said a group of volunteer scientists arrived at Zephyr Cove to help mitigate the radon.