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Radon Tee: World Trek 2010

Welcome to Radon Tee: World Trek 2010

Today, it is difficult to find someone whose life has not been affected by radon-induced lung cancer. Sadly, most people have no idea the impact radon has had on their life, or the life of someone they love. The simple fact is: Each day, radon-induced lung cancer claims more than 57 lives in the United States. This year alone, more than 21,000 men and women will fall victim to this deadly disease. The good news is radon-induced lung cancer can be limited through proven, cost-effective testing and mitigation techniques.

As a radon leader in your community, Cancer Survivors Against Radon invites you to join them in the fight to prevent radon-induced lung cancer. Radon Tee: World Trek 2010 is a social awareness project that harnesses the power of photos, videos and personal stories to increase radon awareness, testing and mitigation in our communities.Interested in becoming part of the team? Contact me to learn how you can help prevent radon-induced lung cancer!

Gloria Linnertz

Radon Tee Team Champion



Radon Tee Details

Radon Tee: World Trek 2010 is a project that harnesses the power of social media by posting photos and videos of ordinary people appearing with Radon Tee, a special t-shirt designed for Cancer Survivors Against Radon (CanSAR) by a group of eighth grade students from Illinois. As Radon Tee treks around the world, social content will be posted to its Facebook and Twitter accounts, where fans can see others who support radon awareness and learn about the importance of testing their own homes for radon. Awareness materials will be made available for all Radon Tee events. To help promote testing, a discount test kit coupon is included in the awareness materials for consumers.

How Do I Participate in Radon Tee?

  • Commit to appearing with Radon Tee for a photo or video shoot, or to tell your own radon story.
  • Sponsor or host a Radon Tee event in your community (details below on how to schedule your Radon Tee event)
  • Become a Radon Tee fan or follower: www.facebook.com/radontee, and www.twitter.com/radontee.
  • Test your home for radon and encourage testing throughout your community.
  • Tell others about Radon Tee and invite their participation in the project.
  • Help CanSAR continue its fight to prevent radon-induced lung cancer by volunteering your time or making a contribution.

Join Now! - Request Your Time With the Radon Tee

To reserve your time with Radon Tee for your community event please complete our quick registration form.

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Get your own Radon Tee Shirt

You can build awareness on the radon health risk, look stylish, and support CanSAR and the Radon Tee project by ordering your own Radon Tee shirt. Shirts are available for purchase in the Radon Tee section of the CanSAR website.

Share your Radon Tee Story

Once you conduct your Radon Tee outreach we want and need to hear from you! It's your stories that will really make the Radon Tee project. After your event, please share your story, photos, videos, and any other materials you think might be helpful.

Share your Radon Tee Story