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Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions


Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and InterventionsThe Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors, Inc., has developed a new guide for health care providers titled Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions. This guide was designed to furnish health care providers with the information they need to reduce their patients' exposures to radon. Radon is estimated to cause about 21,100 lung cancer deaths per year and is the leading environmental cause of cancer mortality in the United States.

This guide has the latest information on:

  • Radon statistics and public health impact.
  • The science behind the risk estimates.
  • Radon testing and reduction.
  • Sample guidance for use in health care settings.
  • The role of health care providers in reducing the burden of radon-induced lung cancer.
This publication was supported in part by grant number XA-83576001 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Help Spread the Word

Health care providers play a key role in reducing their patients' exposures to unnecessary radiation. With the rate of medical imaging and related radiation exposure increasing, it is even more crucial to reduce radiation exposure from other sources, including radon. By inserting the link code below in your website or marketing emails, you can encourage others to learn more about reducing their radon exposure. The Reducing the Risk From Radon: Information and Interventions widget will appear on your website or in your email as an image and will help introduce others to this resource.

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