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Resource Bank

The Resource Bank features materials and tools such as Webinars and regional pacing event presentations.

Get Caught in the ‘Net Webinar Screencast

On July 16, 2009, EPA hosted a Webinar titled, Get Caught in the ‘Net: Building Your Web Strategy to Reduce Radon Risk.

The Webinar provided an opportunity for radon stakeholders to learn how to develop an effective web outreach strategy, including how to incorporate Web 2.0 techniques and tools into web outreach efforts for increasing public awareness and action around radon risk reduction. Watch the Webinar and hear from the Florida state radon program as they discuss their everyday web outreach challenges and share best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of their website.

The Webinar Featured:


Customizable Radon Vent Pipe Sticker (Draft)

Draft version of customizable radon vent pipe sticker.

This resource is being offered to all members of the RadonLeaders.org community. The sticker aims to better inform the consumer, and repairman or contractor about the mitigation system in a home.

EPA recommends that every home that is mitigated, built RRNC, or to the specifications of the EPA Indoor airPLUS (IAP) label standards use this sticker.

The sticker currently available is a DRAFT version. This resource will be updated with the final version as soon as it is available. The final version will be customizable for local needs and/or codes. The native electronic files will be made available with the final version so that any necessary customization edits can be made using an image editing program (i.e. Adobe Photoshop).


Radon Green Sox PSA for Billboards/Buses

To order other formats (print, T.V., radio) visit: http://www.epapsa.com/campaigns/greensox/


3rd Annual Region 7 Radon Stakeholders' Meeting

The 3rd Annual US EPA Region 7 Radon Stakeholders' Meeting was held on March 4, 2009 in Overland Park, KS. Each year the meeting provides an opportunity for US EPA Region 7 and its partners; the Iowa Department of Public Health, Kansas Department of Health & Environment, Missouri Department of Health & Senior Services, Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services, and AARST to bring together interested stakeholders to discuss common issues, provide insight into the future, understand issues from other perspectives, share, educate, and network.

The complete materials from the workshop are provided above for download, including the agenda, attendee list, speaker biographies, and presentations.

Please contact Robert Dye with US EPA Region 7 with any questions.


MN Department of Health RRNC Energy Calculations


US EPA Region 6 Radon & Indoor Air Workshop - 2009

US EPA Region 6 held its second Radon & Indoor Air Workshop March 16-17, 2009 in Oklahoma City, OK. A pacing event for the Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign, the workshop provided an opportunity for state and tribal radon programs in Region 6 (Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas) to discuss their work and how to work more collaboratively as a regional network. Workshop sessions included talks on the Oklahoma Healthy Homes Initiative, SIRG grant issues, radon industry issues, and radon resistant new construction (RRNC). Many thanks to the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality for hosting the workshop!

The complete materials from the workshop are provided above for download, including the agenda, attendee list, and presentations.


Radon Change Package Webinar Screencast & Resources

On January 6, 2009 EPA hosted a Webinar as part of National Radon Action Month titled, The Radon Change Package – How to Amplify the Results of Your Everyday Work.

The Webinar provided an opportunity for radon stakeholders to learn about the Radon Change Package and to hear from fellow radon program leaders that have used concepts and strategies from the Radon Change Package to drive results and achieve program goals.

The Webinar Featured:
•Pat Gardner, Manager, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection
The New Jersey program has designed a results-driven program, using data available from testers and mitigators to its target outreach efforts.

•Patrick Daniels, Health Physicist, Radon Program, Illinois Emergency Management Agency


HUD and USDA Presentations: Accessing Funding for Radon Housing Programs

Presentations delivered in fall 2007 to New York state radon partners.


Website Resource - Radon: Did You Know?

RadonLeaders.org has created a Radon "Widget" which can be easily placed on any website or blog. The widget displays a different piece of information on radon each time the website it is hosted on is refreshed. It is available below in two colors, green and blue, and two different sizes.

Copy the HTML code below to embed the Radon: Did You Know widget into your website or blog:

Green Radon: Did You Know? Widget Option

Blue Radon: Did You Know? Widget Option

Wide Radon: Did You Know? Widget Option