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Outreach for Radon in Montgomery County

We had some notable successes in Montgomery County Maryland in January. I chair the Energy & Air Quality Advisory Committee that advises the County Council and County Executive (CE). We worked last year to get the county to designate January as radon action month to align with EPA's designation and our CE Ike Leggett issued a proclamation and news release on the importance of testing for radon. This year we strove to do more outreach and used the EPA kids' contest poster winner to make a County-specific poster, hundreds of which were put up in county schools, libraries, government buildings and facilities. I also reached out to Hardware Stores and helped them put them up both where they had radon test kits available on the shelves and near their doors. I received very good responses from store managers when I observed that their supplies of test kits were running low, a visit two or three days later confirmed that they had re-stocked.