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Watchdog Report: Is your school free of radon?

Only a test can find it, yet schools go untested

Radon, an invisible killer, has gone undetected in more than half of New York’s school buildings because testing for the naturally occurring gas is not required.

A analysis by Central New York Media Group of the most recent school building condition reports at the state Education Department found the reports indicate that 1,832 school buildings have not been tested for radon.

More than 400 of those buildings are in 34 counties designated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency as having high potential for elevated indoor radon levels, according to the newspaper’s analysis of the condition reports for 3,136 public school buildings outside of New York City.

The presence of untested school buildings in potentially high-radon areas runs counter to long-standing advice of public health experts and the EPA.

EPA State Radon Surveys versus state collected data

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I have heard increasing criticisms over the last few years that the EPA radon potential maps are not as accurate (in predicting areas with increased potential for radon exposure) as state collected screening measurement data. Has anyone performed any detailed comparisons within their state? I am particularly interested in comparisons performed in the Midwest.

Bill Field

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Updating EPA Radon Map

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What does it take to get the EPA radon map changed? I have levels in my county that testing labs as well as my data indicated are well over 4.0 yet the EPA map shows 2-4.

Ren Ramsey
Radon Reduction LLC.

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