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Granite Countertops

Special Report: Radioactive Kitchen Counters

Is Radon & Radiation from Granite Countertops a Concern?

Over the past several years there have been numerous media reports about possible health concerns regarding granite countertops emitting radiation and radon gas into people’s homes and businesses.

Granite’s durability and decorative appearance have made it a popular building material in many homes and buildings. Almost any type of rock could contain naturally occurring radioactive elements such as radium, uranium and thorium. Some pieces of granite contain more of these elements than others. If present, these radioactive elements will decay into radon, a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas which may be released from granite over time.

In addition to radon, the other natural radioactive materials in granite can also emit radiation. However, it is extremely unlikely that granite countertops in homes could increase the radiation dose above the natural background dose that comes from soil and rocks.

Special Session on Radon and Granite to be Held at Upcoming StonExpo

Special Session on Radon and Granite to be Held at Upcoming StonExpo

StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas, together with the Marble Institute of America (MIA), will present a session at the annual stone show next month addressing the ongoing debate surrounding radon and granite.

“StonExpo is the perfect place to present this message because it’s where the stone industry arrives en masse, and it is where we can both educate the industry and ask for support in one place,” said Gary Distelhorst, the executive vice president of the MIA.

AARST Releases Position Statement on Granite Countertops

AARST Releases Position Statement on Granite Countertops

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) has released a Position Statement on Granite Countertops and Radon Gas. The Statement is available here.

Morning Shows Feature Segments on Radiation From Granite Countertops

Morning news programs have been featuring segments on radon from granite countertops following a New York Times article on the issue.

The Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign does recognize that there is radon emanated from granite counter tops, but there is not enough released to add any significant amount to your indoor air. We suggest you read the EPA FAQ about radon and radiation from granite counter tops.

For further questions contact your state radon program.

Are Granite Countertops Health Risk?

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Most modern kitchens have them -- granite countertops.

Many people probably never thought twice about their safety, but some scientists say there are potential health risks with granite countertops.

"It's not something I would have thought of right away," said Paul Saxman of Lake Mary, whose home has granite countertops. "I realize it's a stone, but I wouldn't have thought that it would have been a problem."

But William Llope of Rice University said, "There's no question that there is the potential for risk."

Llope tests granite slabs to find out if they are radioactive. His testing shows most granite gives off harmless amounts of radiation, but he said "some of these granites I've measured resulted in doses that were hundreds or thousand times this natural background."

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