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Warren to Offer Radon Test Kits to Residents

WARREN, NJ — Warren Township will be offering radon test kits to residents during the winter months as part of National Radon Action Month in January.

"Radon is an odorless, tasteless, and invisible gas that occurs naturally when uranium and radium break down in the soil and in rock formations. Radon gas moves up through the soil and finds its way into homes through cracks in the foundation and openings around pumps, pipes, and drains. Radon occurs in higher concentrations in certain areas of the state, including Warren Township," the township announced.

Radon is the leading cause of lung cancer in nonsmokers and the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

To learn more and find out how to get a radon test kit, click here.

Here’s How to Get Your Free Radon Test Kit From Weld County

Radon is the No. 1 cause of lung cancer among nonsmokers, and 46 percent of all homes in Colorado are estimated to have high levels, according to Weld County public health officials.

With funding from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, the Weld County Department of Public Health and Environment is offering free radon test kits to any Weld resident — limit one per household.

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Radon Bill Passes Senate, Will Be Put Into Action

A bill inspired by a KSL investigation made it through the Senate Thursday evening, the last night of the legislative session, and will soon be put into action.

SCR11 is a resolution taking aim at Utah's radon gas problem. It the first action Utah has taken on the issue, despite over two decades of warnings.

However, the resolution is not a law; it's a request asking homeowners to test for radon, realtors to educate and government agencies to give time and money to the cause. It also designates January 2014 as Utah State Radon Action Month. In short, the resolution is more about education than mandates.

Radon is Seen as a Leading Factor in Lung Cancer in Non-Smokers

KSFY News - Sioux Falls, SD News, Weather, Sports

It's the number one killer for cancer, it's not breast cancer, colon cancer or even prostate cancer.

It's lung cancer.

The number of people who die ever year from lung cancer is more than those other cancers combined.

And while studies are still being done to provide a direct link, experts say radon is one of the leading factors in non-smokers getting lung cancer.

Government Research Indicates More Deaths Linked to Radon Exposure than Previously Known

In April, Health Canada released new updated information about human exposure to radon. Research by the agency indicates hundreds of additional cases of lung cancer are caused by exposure to radon than previously believed from earlier research.

In response, Health Canada published a new informational pamphlet about radon. It reads, “Long-term exposure to high levels of radon in the home may increase the risk of developing lung cancer. For smokers, the combination of smoking and exposure to radon can significantly increase the risk of lung cancer. Radon exposure is linked to roughly 10% of lung cancers in Canada, and is the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.” The agency goes on to state that the only way to know if radon is a problem in one’s home is to have it tested.

County Leader Encourages Radon Testing

County Leader Encourages Radon Testing

BUFFALO, N.Y. (wned) - The Chair of the Erie County Legislature is encouraging residents to have radon gas tests done at their homes. She says it could save a life.

Radon can't be seen or smelled. It is a naturally occurring radioactive gas that seeps through soil, rocks, and water, and it can easily seep into homes.

Legislature Chair Betty Jean Grant says it's dangerous.

"Radon gas exposure is the second-leading cause of death for people with lung cancer behind cigarette smoking. It's a very serious concern," says Grant.

There are radon hot spots sprinkled throughout Buffalo, Cheektowaga, and several townships. Grant is encouraging residents to have their homes tested.

The County's Deptartment of Environment and Planning provides radon test kits for $8. Ideally, testing should be done annually.

The federal government says in 2008 there were 21,000 radon-related deaths in the U.S.

Investigators: Radon Radiation

Many know of someone who died of lung cancer but never smoked, and it seems to be a more common diagnosis each year. What's behind it? Though second-hand smoke is certainly a culprit, the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking is something that may be lurking in your own home.

Jamie Gunn's home is quiet and cozy, and it looks like any other house in the cul-de-sac -- but her home was invaded by something sinister that slipped into the basement, unseen or unheard. The killer worked slowly and methodically. When it finally struck, it extinguished a radiant mother of two.

Jamie's mother died of lung cancer even though she never smoked a cigarette in her life. Barbara Neitge, 54 suffered and died from the disease. Now, the cause is being traced right back to her home.

Increasing Radon Risk Awareness in the Mountain Pacific States

The American Lung Association of the Mountain Pacific (ALA-MP), which includes the states of Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming, works to increase Radon awareness and testing of all homes throughout its' seven state region. Information about the health risks of Radon is posted on the Lung Associations website, along with a link to www.RadonKit.org, which enables regional residents to purchase Radon Kits with test results from ALA-MP for $14.00.

In addition, ALA-MP collaborates with each of the state Radon offices throughout the region to promote Radon awareness. In November, Radon facts and test kit ordering information was shared via Facebook sites in all seven states. Press Releases for January Radon Awareness Month will feature quotes from the state Radon office coordinators, important Radon risk data, and a link to order home Radon test kits.

American Lung Association in Pa. Offers Free Radon Test Kits Online

ALA-PA Partners with Department of Environmental Protection to provide the program.

The American Lung Association in Pennsylvania announced this week that it is providing free radon test kits to the public on its website.

The ALA-PA said one test kit per Pennsylvania household may be requested, and that those asking for kits should be residents who don't have a previous test result for their homes. The offer is valid while supplies last, according to a release.

Radon is a naturally occurring radioactive gas. It is colorless, odorless and tasteless, and it is the second-leading cause of lung cancer, after cigarette smoking.

Do Your Own Test for Radon

LONGMONT — In three days, the meter told the tale: a radon reading of 15 picocuries per liter.

A normal level is 4 or less.

Like that, Cal Youngberg’s employee knew she had some work to do on her home.

“It only cost her about $300 to bring it down to less than 2,” recalled Youngberg, the city’s environmental services manager who oversees Longmont’s home radon detector program.

The program kicked off Feb. 1 at the Longmont Public Library, allowing residents to check out one of four radon meters for a week. It’s proved to be a hit. Right now, there’s an eight-person waiting list for the devices — at 5 inches by 3 inches, a little smaller than one of the library’s paperbacks.

Colorado’s something of a hot spot for radon, a radio-active gas, thanks in part to the uranium in the state. But it’s not really predictable.