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Call for Papers - 2013 International Radon Symposium

Call for Papers - 2013 International Radon Symposium

The AARST 2013International Radon Symposium welcomes the participation of members of the scientific and medical community, radon testers, diagnosticians, mitigators, educators, public policy leaders and business leaders as well as consumers, both nationally and internationally.

Abstracts: Your abstract should convey in 150 words or less the essence of the intended presentation, clearly indicating the contribution it will make. Abstracts will be screened by the AARST Editorial Board. Authors who are not experienced in writing abstracts should look at examples of abstracts from previous symposia. These can be found on the AARST.org website.
Original research, including policy and business-related papers, are especially encouraged in the following areas with an emphasis on practical application:
• New Models for radon risk reduction policy and programs
o Private Risk Management Initiatives
o Innovations from Local, State, Provincial and Native Peoples

Radon Fairy Spreads Important Message

Radon Fairy Spreads Important Message

The Nevada Radon Education Program, under the direction of Susan H. Howe, produces a wide array of outreach items on a yearly basis to spread the radon message. Examples of some of these efforts include door tags, engaging radon Public Service Announcements (PSAs), news articles, educational programs, street banners and massive amounts of educational displays and posters.

This year in particular, a different sort of outreach effort took place at the Nevada Day event. Radon activist Denise Uber (pictured) dressed up as the “Radon Fairy” to educate people about the harmful effects of radon. Uber is a strong advocate for radon awareness. She previously had her home mitigated, appeared in local newspapers and is a continued supporter of the Nevada Radon Education Program.

Have any school districts within your state implemented EPA's Indoor Air Quality Tools for Schools?

Has your state engaged the medical community in your efforts to communicate the radon message?

Citizens Guide Backorder

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I placed an order for the EPA's Citizens Guide to Radon a month ago. I was told the publication is on backorder. We are rolling out a radon awareness program in Virginia. We will be distributing free radon test kits.We always distribute the booklet with our test kits. Is the EPA going to stop producing this publication? Any suggestions?

Warm regards,
Dusty Donaldson
Dusty Joy Foundation

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Should states require schools to test for radon and mitigate if necessary?

EPA Budget for FY13 - Radon Cuts

As many of you may have already heard, the President's budget for FY13 (beginning October 1, 2012) was released this week and includes the zeroing out of the State Indoor Radon Grants program and regional oversight efforts. The President's budget (which includes EPA) is at this point "proposed.” The final budget will be the result of the congressional process to come. The process can result in programs proposed for cutting to be restored or left as proposed.

What is the main activity that you plan to partake in to promote National Radon Action Month this year?

Media Activity
33% (12 votes)
Presentation, Workshop, Training or Lecture
28% (10 votes)
Informational Display
3% (1 vote)
Web Outreach
22% (8 votes)
14% (5 votes)
Total votes: 36

Funding Opportunity - CRCPD Radon Mini-Grant Program Announcement & Application

CRCPD is reviving its mini-grant project, offering funds to local partners designated by the state radon program to receive from $500 to $5,000 dollars to conduct a radon project. The application process includes a brief proposal and short application form, which are due on October 7, 2011. The announcement and application package with all the details was emailed to State Radon Program Contacts on August 16, 2011. A completed report on the project outcome and expenditures is a requirement at the project's completion. Checks are awarded directly to the partner applicant.

Interactive Radon Exhibit

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Hi all,

Our nonprofit organization (lung cancer advocacy) is conducting a radon awareness program in a neighboring county and we need some advice/help from radon professionals.

We are in search of an interactive radon exhibit to display in a public area, such as a library. I am not talking about a tabletop stand with text and diagrams. I don’t even know how to explain what I am thinking about…but I will try.

First, I will mention that what got me thinking about this is a display I saw in my local library. It was a public service exhibit about lead. They had a stuffed dog and instructions to pet the stuffed animal then place their hand under a special light which made the lead glow. (I suppose that is how it was supposed to work, but it was broken.)

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