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student action against radon

4-H Students Use Activity Book to Promote Radon Awareness

To educate students and spread the message about radon Katernia Cole, a coordinator with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System (ACES) worked with Alabama 4-H, the youth development component to ACES, to distribute radon activity books to students at Red Bay High School and in surrounding counties. Each activity book contained useful information on how to test homes for radon.

“I was a former Nutrition Program educator and after a lesson I would always leave educational material with the students and teacher to reinforce the educational lesson. If you have ever heard the slogan ‘each one teach one,’ that is basically what I wanted the students to do,” said Ms. Cole.

The 4-H assistant who was already conducting 4-H in each school distributed the radon activity books to students and teachers. As a result, parents and legal guardians would visit and call ACES to request more information on radon.

Local University Students Develop Innovative Sampling Procedures

When employee complaints of high radon levels in basement office areas at Western Carolina University were reported to Jon Maddy, the University’s Director of Safety and Risk Management, action needed to be taken immediately. Although there had been no original testing of these areas, an employee expressed concern that workers were being exposed to a high level of radon. Consequently, Maddy brought an innovative idea to Dr. Tracy Zontek, an Environmental Health professor at the University. A research study was proposed in which students were given the opportunity to test University buildings. Also, the school invited Catherine Rosfjord from the North Carolina Radon Program to complete a workshop on testing large buildings. Staff from the Jackson County Health Department attended this event as well.

Student Reveals Radon Dangers

A TRALEE student's Young Scientist project has revealed that many people living in Kerry are unaware of the risks posed by cancer causing radon gas.

Presentation Secondary School student Shelley Ni Eidhin, who recently achieved First Place in the Intermediate Section of the Social and Behavioural Sciences Category at the 2012 Young Scientists Competition at the RDS Dublin, has compiled research which she says shows that the Kerry public are "fatally unaware of the presence of Radon gas in their homes".

Shelley conducted 511 surveys about Radon awareness across the entire county. Her study shows that while 95 per cent of the 511 people surveyed had heard of the naturally occurring gas only 22 per cent had actually tested their homes.