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Penn Program on Radiation

ALAPA Partners Offering Free Radon Test Kits

The American Lung Association in Pennsylvania (ALAPA) has introduced a new program to help people protect their health from lung-cancer-causing radon gas. The lung health agency identified three regions of the Commonwealth with generally lower testing rates and generally higher likelihood of high radon levels. ALAPA today unveiled its plan to promote radon testing among residents in the first region, lying mainly in the northeastern quadrant of the state.

In the first year of an envisioned three-year program, ALAPA will conduct outreach in nine counties, including Bradford, Sullivan, Susquehanna, Tioga and Lycoming.

In addition to their nationally recognized smoking cessation and asthma education programs, the American Lung Association announced today that they would be providing free radon test kits to the public through the following three main activities:

A Missed Opportunity: The Ostrich Approach to Indoor Radon Exposure

The following link Reg Blog by Adam M. Finkely provides great perspective from a newcomer to the crazy upside down world of American Radon policy and our current funding crisis. A must read.

Adam writes:

"Even if the federal government wanted to encourage people to mitigate radon by “nudging” them rather than providing the public health benefits as part of a fiscal stimulus, it still seems inexplicable to declare, as the administration’s 2013 budget does, that an $8 million EPA program to educate the public about radon is a “mature program” that can be zeroed out. In my opinion, this is the wrong time to declare victory on a problem in which we have barely made a dent."