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Souris Consolidated School

Students Safe Despite Elevated Radon Levels: Health Officer

Students Safe Despite Elevated Radon Levels: Health Officer

Despite elevated radon levels, Souris Consolidated School is safe for staff and students, says the province’s chief health officer.

Dr. Heather Morrison said radon only causes health effects after high levels of exposure over a long period of time.

“If there’s one key message, that would be it,” she said.

Recent test results showed levels of 588 becquerels per cubic metre and 386 becquerels per cubic metre in two rooms at the school.

Health Canada’s guideline sets the acceptable level at 200 becquerels per cubic


Morrison said she made recommendations to the Education Department and the Eastern School District to have work done right away to reduce the radon levels.

She also said radon is much less of an issue in the summer than it is in the winter, in part because there are more windows open in the building to help air circulate.

“That’s why also the risk for students