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Radon: A Silent Threat in Iowa—Free Workshop

QUASQUETON – Buchanan County ISU Extension and Outreach has partnered with Buchanan County Environmental Health and Zoning, and Midwest Systems to offer a FREE public RADON workshop.

Did you know 71.6% of Iowa tested homes have radon above the US Environmental Protection Agency’s action level? This is the highest in the US (5 out of 7).

To learn about RADON, how to test your home, and what to do once your results are in; attend the FREE RADON Workshop on Wednesday, Feb. 7, from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the Quasqueton City Hall (113 Water St N, Quasqueton). Speakers are Matt Even (Buchanan County Environmental Health and Zoning), Roxanne Fuller (Buchanan County ISU Extension and Outreach), and RADON Mitigation Contractor, Matt Griswold.

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Radon Tests Completed With No Concerns

Radon Tests Completed With No Concerns

The district has completed radon testing after some parents expressed concerns—and it was determined that all buildings are safe.

Board of education vice president Patrick Breslin announced at the May 8 meeting that a total of 900 tests were done throughout the district to ensure that all buildings are safe.

“This is the first time this has been done in five years or more, but we did the testing to assuage anyone’s concerns,” he said. “There are no state requirements to do these at any interval.”

With the first tests done, Breslin said, all but three came back without any concerns.

“But those three were retested, and they came back with no concern,” he said. “It was 900 tests and 900 results back below the state level of concern.”