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New test ID's Smokers prone to lung cancer

NBC and some other news outlets have a story about finding early 'precancerous' lung cells that can potentailly be turned back to normal with an over the counter medication. One issue not discussed is that some scientists believe that lung cancer in non-smokers (and maybe from radon) may be a different diease and we don't know if this will work for the non-smoking group as well.

Web URL: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/3032619/ns/nightly_news

Special Condition: Mitigation Question

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Queston: I have a special condition where I have a walk-out basement and a
perimeter drain tile that empties to atmosphere through a hillside. (no sump
crcock) My mitigation tech wants to connect to the drain tile to lower the
Rn level in the home.

I can't see this working very well to pull negative pressure from the sub
slab area.

Any recommendations?


Bill Barnes

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Call for Radon Device Study work group by April 19-2010

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Call for Work Group Participants:
Design of EPA Radon Device Performance Study

Contact Jani Palmer at palmer.janise@epa.gov by Monday, April 19th if interested

EPA is designing a device performance study collaboratively with other radon stakeholders. Members of the Work Group should be prepared to openly discuss the study design and identify issues and concerns that may affect their stakeholder group.

Summary and Timeline:
Results from the Radon Device Performance Study will be used to ascertain whether devices are providing accurate and reliable results to the public.

Following is the schedule of events for the Device Study Work Group.
• April 19—contact Jani Palmer to confirm your interest
• May 5, 130-330 EST—First conference call for Work Group (initial discussion of
concerns, issues and needs that affect the study design).
• May 6-June 8—continue discussions by phone and email
• June 12—EPA sends draft design to Work Group

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How scientists can monitor radon gas emissions

How scientists can monitor radon gas emissions

Radon can give a clue to earthquake activity – but how does Italian scientist Giampaolo Giuliani measure the radioactive gas?

Radon is a radioactive gas, with no colour or smell. It is slightly heavier than air, chemically inert, and is made – after stages of decay and mutation – from uranium. Radon diffuses out of the earth in small, variable quantities all the time, but these can increase when reductions in pressure allow radon (or fluids carrying it in solution) to escape to the surface. Such pressure drops can accompany – or precede – the shearing of rocks in an earthquake.

Students Create Radon Awareness Videos

Students in Chatham, IL are putting their creativity to the test.

Glenwood High School students are competing in a radon awareness contest. They submitted five videos to the American Lung Association. It's to show the public about health hazards associated with radioactive gas.

Students used everything from digital editing systems to green screens to create their projects. Glenwood High School offers its students a comprehensive broadcasting program. One that has grown in recent years.

"Even when I started here sophomore year we didn't have near this much equipment. We had four computers to edit on now we have like 20 or so to use. It's really nice cause I'm looking to go into this field and so any experience I can get before entering college is really helpful," say senior Scott Vennell.

Gene Is Linked to Lung Cancer Development in Never-Smokers: One Third Have Gene Variant

ScienceDaily (2010-03-22) -- A study that scanned the genomes of thousands of "never-smokers" diagnosed with lung cancer as well as healthy never smokers has found a gene they say could be responsible for a significant number of those cancers.

Read the full article here

Radon mitigation scholarships offered (CO)

To meet an increasing need for radon mitigation of homes in Northeast Colorado, Colorado State University Extension has two scholarships available to become a certified radon mitigator.

Each scholarship covers the $595 cost of the mitigation course through the Center for Environmental Research and Technology Institute.

When course work and the certification test are completed, membership to the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists will be paid for the first year as part of the scholarship.

Radon is a colorless, odorless radioactive gas which is considered the second-leading cause of lung cancer in the United States.

During the past three years, CSU Extension has provided educational programs which include radon screening tests.

WATCH: Radon & NBC's The Office

WATCH: Radon & NBC's The Office

On the Thursday, December 4, 2008 episode of NBC's The Office there was a quick reference to radon and indoor air quality. Although the reference was part of a joke, radon was appropriately described as "a silent killer." The radon reference is 2 minutes 45 seconds in, but is best viewed in context, so watch from the beginning.

For a good laugh, watch below, and please feel free to share thoughts and comments.

Know of other news or pop-cultural references to radon? Please share them!

AARST Releases Position Statement on Granite Countertops

AARST Releases Position Statement on Granite Countertops

The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) has released a Position Statement on Granite Countertops and Radon Gas. The Statement is available here.

MDC sued over radon issue


Kevin and Maureen Joy were the first to discover the high levels of dangerous radon in their home, built by Richmond American Homes of West Virginia.

Now, they're among 152 West Virginia residents suing Richmond American and its parent company, Denver-based MDC Holdings Inc., claiming the companies failed to install functioning radon-removal systems in their homes.

In May, 66 people sued the company in a Jefferson County, W.Va., court, and 86 more plan to file suit today, according to their lawyer.

Representatives from MDC, the 10th-largest homebuilder in the country, declined to comment. The company sold 8,195 homes in 2007, according to BuilderOnline.