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Students Create Radon Awareness Videos

Students in Chatham, IL are putting their creativity to the test.

Glenwood High School students are competing in a radon awareness contest. They submitted five videos to the American Lung Association. It's to show the public about health hazards associated with radioactive gas.

Students used everything from digital editing systems to green screens to create their projects. Glenwood High School offers its students a comprehensive broadcasting program. One that has grown in recent years.

"Even when I started here sophomore year we didn't have near this much equipment. We had four computers to edit on now we have like 20 or so to use. It's really nice cause I'm looking to go into this field and so any experience I can get before entering college is really helpful," say senior Scott Vennell.

Gene Is Linked to Lung Cancer Development in Never-Smokers: One Third Have Gene Variant

ScienceDaily (2010-03-22) -- A study that scanned the genomes of thousands of "never-smokers" diagnosed with lung cancer as well as healthy never smokers has found a gene they say could be responsible for a significant number of those cancers.

Read the full article here

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Morning Shows Feature Segments on Radiation From Granite Countertops

Morning news programs have been featuring segments on radon from granite countertops following a New York Times article on the issue.

The Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign does recognize that there is radon emanated from granite counter tops, but there is not enough released to add any significant amount to your indoor air. We suggest you read the EPA FAQ about radon and radiation from granite counter tops.

For further questions contact your state radon program.

A National Radon Action Month Story: Harnessing the Media to Raise Awareness

A National Radon Action Month Story: Harnessing the Media to Raise Awareness

Harnessing the Media to Raise Awareness

In the past, the local newspaper in Jessamine County, KY was not eager to print stories about environmental issues. This January, however, Lindsay Ball and the Jessamine County Health Department decided to engage the newspaper to help distribute free radon tests during National Radon Action Month.

“I called the newspaper office and asked them how I needed to go about getting an article about radon in the newspaper,” explained Lindsay Ball. “I told the editor what radon was and how it was the second leading cause of lung cancer. I asked if they could print an article about radon stating that the Health Department had free radon test kits available.”

After learning about the major health effects of radon and potential impact on their community, the editor was more than happy to print the article. He asked Lindsay to submit an article.

Special Session on Radon and Granite to be Held at Upcoming StonExpo

Special Session on Radon and Granite to be Held at Upcoming StonExpo

StonExpo/Marmomacc Americas, together with the Marble Institute of America (MIA), will present a session at the annual stone show next month addressing the ongoing debate surrounding radon and granite.

“StonExpo is the perfect place to present this message because it’s where the stone industry arrives en masse, and it is where we can both educate the industry and ask for support in one place,” said Gary Distelhorst, the executive vice president of the MIA.

A National Radon Action Month Story: Involving the Community in Innovative Outreach

A National Radon Action Month Story: Involving the Community in Innovative Outreach

Involving the Community in Innovative Outreach

This January, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension's Radon Education Program sought new and innovative ideas for getting the radon message out to the public. Among several new efforts was using volunteers to help during NRAM and an idea suggested by our area director -- to hang door tags on houses in high radon potential areas.

The door tag idea seemed plausible and the area director was willing to do some of the legwork, so I developed two-sided, four-color door tags and had them printed in time to be distributed in Reno neighborhoods during National Radon Action Month.

Federal News Radio Interview - Radon Risk 2.0

Radon Risk 2.0

Radon is dangerous, and the EPA wants to get the word out. The challenge for the agency was to figure out how to do this. Rather then just coming up with your typical public service announcement, the EPA took a unique, government 2.0 approach. Tom Kelly is Director of EPA's Indoor Environments Division, and Jeremy Ames is with EPA's Indoor Environments Division. They told us more about the ad campaign and the winner.

Click here to hear the interview.

WATCH: Radon & NBC's The Office

WATCH: Radon & NBC's The Office

On the Thursday, December 4, 2008 episode of NBC's The Office there was a quick reference to radon and indoor air quality. Although the reference was part of a joke, radon was appropriately described as "a silent killer." The radon reference is 2 minutes 45 seconds in, but is best viewed in context, so watch from the beginning.

For a good laugh, watch below, and please feel free to share thoughts and comments.

Know of other news or pop-cultural references to radon? Please share them!

American Lung Association Releases Report on Lung Cancer in African Americans: Calls for Eliminating Health Disparities

WASHINGTON, April 12 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The American Lung Association today released its report, Too Many Cases, Too Many Deaths: Lung Cancer in African Americans, a compilation of research examining lung cancer among African Americans and the need to eliminate this and other health disparities. The report, which includes a preface by William J. Hicks, M.D., provides important information on the possible biological, environmental, political and cultural factors that make African Americans more likely to get lung cancer and more likely to die from it.

Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer in the nation. It has been the leading cause of cancer death among men since the early 1950s, and in 1987 it surpassed breast cancer as the leading cause of cancer deaths among women. African Americans, however, suffer from lung cancer more than any other population group in the United States. Key facts regarding this disparity include the following: