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Radon Radio at the NCSL Conference in Philadelphia, PA

The National Safety Council, AARST, and EPA sponsored a booth at the National Conference of State Legislatures Legislative Summit in Philadelphia, PA July 20-24. As in past years legislators were asked to record short radio public service announcements to educate their constituents about radon; this year’s efforts beat all previous records with more than 150 legislators recording PSAs. Recordings will be sent to the legislators and their local radio stations to air during January, National Radon Action Month.

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Just wanted to comment on the success of the NCSL "Radon Radio" booth in Philadelphia. It was a success that exceded all of our expectations! The whole experience is full of excitement as the legislators make their way to the recording booth. What a wonderful team of dedicated people to be with: Bruce, Susie, Jeremy, Kyle, Gina, Kristin, Matt Hendrick and Peter.I can't express how much it means to me to be included with this effort. What a wonderful opportunity to talk with the legislators and share our personal story and that of the other CanSAR members. Telling them of the successful policies in other states and making them aware that they can take action against radon is what I live for.

A big thiank you to Doug and Scott of NCSL also. I know that the conference and the "Radon Radio" booth will be even bigger and better next year in Louisville.

Thank you all.

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I would also be interested to know what was recorded by Colorado Legislators. Chrys

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That's great news Jeremy. Is there a way to find out whether any of the PSAs were recorded by anyone from North Carolina?

Shawn Price