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The Radon Change Package: Effective Strategies that Drive Results

What is the Radon Change Package?

The Radon Change Package is a guide for achieving life saving results, including radon tests, mitigations, and radon resistant new construction (RRNC). It synthesizes years of research, including studies of effective ways to promote residential action to reduce health risks; historical analysis of the national radon program; field research on program strategies with a demonstrated link to mitigation and RRNC results; and ideas from CRCPD’s Radon Cookbook and EPA’s Local Efforts to Reduce Exposure to Radon.

The Change Package captures the current knowledge base to support the Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign. It presents strategies, approaches, and actions that state radon programs and their industry and community partners can use to improve program effectiveness and double their results.

How Can I Use the Radon Change Package?

The Change Package provides all the information you need to identify successful strategies and take action to incorporate those strategies into your work. It is organized into five Leadership Concepts that represent the core elements of a successful radon program:

  • Cultivate High-Performing Collaborations & Partnerships
  • Build Local Infrastructure
  • Design a Results-Driven Program
  • Cultivate Effective Relationships with Industry
  • Maximize the Impact of Your Outreach

Radon Change Package

Under each Leadership Concept, you will find specific Leadership Strategies that describe proven approaches for getting results. The Strategies are supported by Testable Ideas that present simple and specific activities programs can follow to enhance the effectiveness of their work. Finally, the Change Package includes Strategies in Action, which are examples of the Testable Ideas at work in radon programs across the country. Together, the Leadership Concepts, Strategies, Testable Ideas and Strategies in Action provide an easy-to-understand and easy-to-replicate blueprint for radon program success.

The Radon Leaders Saving Lives Campaign members will update this document as real-time learning drives improved radon risk management. Members of RadonLeaders.org are encouraged to contribute to the evolution of this Change Package. There are two ways you can add your ideas to the Change Package. You can comment on the Leadership Strategies, Testable Ideas, and Strategies in Action of each of the five Leadership Concepts, and your can suggest content for the Change Package.

States Profiled in Strategies in Action Program Office Population (% High Risk) Certification Real Estate Disclosure
AL - Alabama Department of Public Health and Cooperative Extension System's Radon Program Health/Cooperative Extension 4.5 million (21%)
NJ - New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection's Radon Program Environment 8.7 million (25%) X X
PA - Pennsylvania Bureau of Radiation Protection's Radon Program Environment 12.4 million (76%) X X
WI - Wisconsin Division of Public Health's Radon Program Health 5.5 million (41%) X
ALL STATES 300 million (27%) 17 32