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January is National Radon Action Month!

Thank you for participating in NRAM. By hosting radon awareness activities in your community, you are helping to create healthier indoor environments and helping to save lives from radon-induced lung cancer. NRAM on RadonLeaders.org and the EPA website offer a great opportunity to promote your activities and get exposure for your important work!

Use the navigation below to submit your NRAM activities and events, browse current and past activities and events, and find resources to help you in your NRAM outreach.

For more information about the final NRAM results reporting, please visit the NRAM Results Reporting Process page.

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Share Your NRAM Story!

Put a spotlight on your program by sharing additional details of your outreach as well as photos and other materials colleagues might find helpful. Share your story »


RadonLeaders.org NRAM FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on the RadonLeaders.org NRAM event submittal and browsing system.

Event Planning Kit – A guide to help plan your radon activities.

Discuss National Radon Action Month – Ask questions and share advice in the Discussion Forum.

"New Radon Outreach Tools for January 2010 and Beyond" Webinar – The NRAM webinar provides updates and tools to prepare radon stakeholders for radon outreach in January and year-round.

National Poster Contest – Radon poster contest open to all school children ages 9 to 14 in the United States.

Working with Partners to Make the Most of National Radon Action Month – A paper by Cindy Ladage & Patrick Daniels, Illinois Radon Program.

Radon Change Package – The Radon Change Package offers great strategies and approaches that state radon programs and industry partners can use in their NRAM outreach.

NRAM 2011 Summary – A summary of the 2011 NRAM outreach.