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JoAnne Brown Interview - Bringing Radon Education and Awareness to the Classroom

JoAnne Brown, a science teacher at Olympus Junior High School in Holladay, UT, has enjoyed unprecedented success involving her students in the National Radon Poster Contest. On January 15, 2010, JoAnne accompanied her student Emily Pinnock to the National Radon Poster Contest Awards Luncheon in Washington, DC, where Emily was honored as the national second place winner. Just three years ago, another one of JoAnne’s students – Emily’s older sister Rachel – was also recognized as a National Radon Poster Contest winner!

Hear the recent interview with JoAnne to learn about her experience with the National Radon Poster Contest and how she successfully incorporated radon awareness into her lesson plans. Click the link above to listen to the interview (MP3 audio file; 6:01 runtime).