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NRAM Results Reporting Process

To ensure your NRAM activities will be accurately reported and included in the final reporting count, please make certain that user errors are not made, events details are as specific as possible, and only activities relating to NRAM are submitted. The final results report will not include the following:

  • Activities submitted by user error. Duplicate activities submitted by a user or by several users within an organization will not be counted. An activity submitted multiple times will only count for one activity.
  • Broad or overarching efforts submitted as multiple events or activities. For example, a television news segment produced for the local evening news counts as only one activity; it should not be submitted as an activity each time it airs (e.g., on the 5 PM and 6 PM newscast).
  • Efforts unrelated to increased outreach during National Radon Action Month. The final report does not include any efforts and activities that are held year-round – not specifically for NRAM. For example, a state-run radon program hotline, which is maintained throughout the year, will not be counted in the final report. However, any special activity related to a year-round project (e.g. special test kit giveaways for anyone who calls the radon hotline during January) would be included.
  • Activities submitted outside of the reporting period. For the 2011 National Radon Action Month, all activities submitted must have a start date between October 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013, to be included in the final reporting for this year.