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Making Your Mitigation System More Effective Manual

Please view the following resource entitled "Making Your Mitigaton System More Effective Manual"

The effort to reduce indoor radon concentrations in homes has been an on-going learning process
for the past decade. Research, funded by agencies such as NJDEPE and EPA as well as innovative
work by the private sector, has increased the knowledge of radon-reduction technology. Standardized
mitigation techniques are being offered by many professional radon mitigators across the country.

This manual is an effort to provide mitigation contractors with information to improve the
effectiveness of their mitigation systems. It is intended to help mitigators identify potential problems
in an installed mitigation system. It is not a pre-mitigation diagnostics guide.

The manual has been designed as a training aid, to be used by those offering continuing education
workshops, as well as a stand-alone technical guidance manual. It contains how-to information on
measurements required or recommended by the current EPARadon Mitigation Standards (EPA402-R-
93-078 and April 1,1994 Errata Sheet). Employment of the techniques described in this manual will
ensure that the mitigation system achieves a maximum radon and subsequent health risk reductions on the first effort. This means fewer callbacks for the mitigator and potentially lower costs to the consumer.