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NRAM Frequently Asked Questions

Since its launch in September 2008 RadonLeaders.org has grown to a community of over 700 members committed to taking action to reduce the radon health risk and create healthier indoor environments. Members share information and opinions by blogging and discussing issues in the forums, stay up to date on the latest radon news and events, and share and access tools and resources.

National Radon Action Month (NRAM) is a major time of action and outreach in the radon community, which is why many tools and streams of information to help you participate in NRAM are housed here on RadonLeaders.org. Moreover, RadonLeaders.org offers many features that we think you will find helpful during NRAM this year.

Where do I go to submit activities and events?

Please visit www.radonleaders.org/nram/addevent and follow the instructions to submit your activity or event. Remember, you must be logged in to RadonLeaders.org to submit activities and events. If you are not yet a member of RadonLeaders.org please join now. It’s quick and easy! However, you don’t have to be a member to view activities and events. Invite your colleagues and community members to visit the site and see what’s happening in your community and nationwide during National Radon Action Month.

Which activities will be included in the final NRAM reporting count?

To ensure your NRAM activities will be accurately reported and included in the final reporting count, please make certain that user errors are not made, events details are as specific as possible, and only activities relating to NRAM are submitted. The final results report will not include the following:

  • Activities submitted by user error. Duplicate activities submitted by a user or by several users within an organization will not be counted. An activity submitted multiple times will only count for one activity.
  • Broad or overarching efforts submitted as multiple events or activities. For example, a television news segment produced for the local evening news counts as only one activity; it should not be submitted as an activity each time it airs (e.g., on the 5 PM and 6 PM newscast).
  • Efforts unrelated to increased outreach during National Radon Action Month. The final report does not include any efforts and activities that are held year-round – not specifically for NRAM. For example, a state-run radon program hotline, which is maintained throughout the year, will not be counted in the final report. However, any special activity related to a year-round project (e.g. special test kit giveaways for anyone who calls the radon hotline during January) would be included.
  • Activities submitted outside of the reporting period. For this year, all activities submitted must have a start date between October 1, 2012 and February 28, 2013, to be included in the final reporting for this year.

Read final results, analysis and highlights from the 2011 National Radon Action Month at www.radonleaders.org/nram/results/2011.

Can I submit multiple activities and events at one time?

NRAM participants can now upload multiple activities at once using our spreadsheet template and batch upload feature. Up to 500 activities can be submitted at once by completing the spreadsheet and submitting it to the batch upload page. Within two (2) business days, your uploaded activities will be added to the national database of NRAM activities. To download the template, read instructions and upload your activities, visit http://www.radonleaders.org/nram/upload.

If you are submitting multiple events with similar event information, the duplication feature will allow you to do so quickly and easily. When submitting an event, simply click the “Save this event and create a duplicate” box on the submittal form and click “Save.” By doing this, your event will be recorded and saved, and a new submittal form will open with the information from your previous event pre-populated. Change event information such as date, time or location, and save your new event. Repeat this process as many times as needed to submit all of your events. If you would like to duplicate one of your events that have already been created, simply open that event and click the “Edit” tab. From here, follow the steps above to complete the duplication process.

Can I attach a PDF or other resource to my activity or event?

No. The activity and event submittal system does not currently support attachments. You may include a Web address (URL) at the end of the activity and event submittal form if the resource or material you would like to attach is hosted elsewhere online.

If you would like to share documents, photos or other resources related to your activity, you can do so by using the “Share Your NRAM Story” feature. You could also write a blog about your activity and attach these resources.

What if my activity or event is recurring?

If you have an activity or event that takes place over the course of a few days, a week, or longer you can simply set the start and end date for your event as appropriate. If you have an event that is recurring, and not continuous, you need to submit it for each date and time it occurs.

How do I find other activities and events?

You can search current and past events at www.radonleaders.org/nram/events. The database includes activities happening nationally and in your area, down to the zip code level! All events submitted online since 2008 are available in the database.

What information on NRAM can I find on the EPA website?

The EPA National Radon Action Month website is also a major NRAM resource. Visit www.epa.gov/radon/nram to find detailed information for both the public (consumers) and NRAM partners. Check it out now to acquire a foundation for activity and event planning, and to access ideas, success stories, tools and tips for planning, implementing and measuring the results of your radon outreach efforts during National Radon Action Month and year-round. For example:

  • Learn about National Radon Action Month and how it can help you address radon issues in your community.
  • Read featured activities, events and success stories and get ideas for activities that you can plan in your community.
  • Download the Event Planning Kit and templates for flyers, presentations, graphics, and other items to promote and implement your activity.
  • View and order free radon media campaign materials for TV, print and radio in English and Spanish.
  • Find contact information for your local state radon program, the Radon Professionals Speaker’s Bureau, or key radon subject matter experts to participate in your activities and help make them a success.
  • Order Publications and access Radon Webinars to equip you with planning information for your National Radon Action Month activities.
  • See a summary of National Radon Action Month activities, events and results achieved nationwide.

Do you have a question? Please ask!

If you have a question or would like to discuss NRAM outreach work and strategy with your colleagues, you can post your questions in the Forum.

If you have technical questions about using any of the NRAM features on the site, contact RadonLeaders.org with your question.