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National Radon Action Month 2010 Results

Thanks to all of our National Radon Action Month partners, 2010 was our most successful year yet! For NRAM 2010, we received a total of 1,995 unique activities, which is a 6.5 percent increase from 2009. Even more important than this increase were the innovative and impactful activities that were submitted by our partners during NRAM 2010. We are also closer to our goal of spreading radon awareness to every state and region across the country, as 39 states and all 10 EPA regions participated in NRAM 2010. The 39 states represents a 34 percent increase from 2009 in the number of states in which activities were conducted. Take some time to review all of your hard work with our results information below. Remember, you can also find summary NRAM results data at www.epa.gov/radon/nram/summary.html.

To read about our process for compiling final 2010 NRAM results, please visit www.radonleaders.org/nram/results_reporting.

Map of Final 2010 National Radon Action Month Activities »

Using this interactive map, view summary results information for each state that participated in the 2010 NRAM, including the total number of 2010 activities, top activity category, a link to browse activities for the state, and a link to view a spotlight activity for each state.

List of 2010 National Radon Action Month Spotlight Activities »

View this list that we have compiled to spotlight activities that display the variety and innovation of NRAM outreach in 2010. Activities on the list are grouped to show uses of resources, innovative outreach methods and noteworthy audiences. Groupings on the list include "Most Bang for the Buck," Social Media Outreach, Student and Teacher Outreach, Health/Science Activities, Radon-Resistant New Construction Activities, Multi-cultural Outreach, and Poster Contest Activities.

2010 National Radon Action Month Breakdown by Category

Breakdown by category
Type of ActivityNumber of 2010 ActivitiesNumber of 2009 Activities
Media Activity691669
Presentation, Workshop, Training, or Lecture307377
Informational Display278 220
Website Outreach or Update21655
Worksite Activity186236
Other Activity155154
Poster Contest Activity5823
Home Show or Expo1227

The information below highlights three activity categories that were popular among stakeholders and showed significant increases during 2010 National Radon Action Month. For more information about other activity categories, download the full Results Report using the link above. For information about specific highlight activities, visit http://www.radonleaders.org/nram/results_spotlight.

Media Activities

For the third consecutive year, Media Activities were the most popular category. In 2010, 691 media activities were submitted, representing 35 percent of all activities submitted. One resource that partners used to conduct media activities was EPA’s Living Healthy & Green Media Campaign, which saw a steep increase in donated advertising space during January. View the chart below to see the dramatic growth in donated media space for the campaign in January.

EPA Campaign

Print public service announcement for the Living Healthy & Green Media Campaign

EPA Campaign

Website Outreach

For 2010, activities submitted jumped to 216 activities – nearly three times the number that were submitted in 2009! Activities in the Website Outreach or Update category included social media outreach, articles in online publications and banner advertisements.

Type of ActivityNumber of 2010 ActivitiesNumber of 2009 ActivitiesChange from 2009 to 2010
Website Outreach or Update21655293%

Poster Contest Activity

Poster Contest Activities submitted for 2010 NRAM increased by 152% in 2010 to 58 total activities. This was due in large part to the tremendous increase in participation in the National Radon Poster Contest in 2010, when 2,862 posters were submitted! For 2010 NRAM, several types of poster contest activities were submitted, such as recognition ceremonies, promotional outreach for the contest and poster displays.

To view highlights from the National Radon Poster Contest Awards Ceremony, visit http://www.radonleaders.org/node/6089.

To listen to an audio interview with the teacher of one of the national winners, visit http://www.radonleaders.org/node/6076.

NRAM Poster Contest Winner

Paulette Moulos (National Safety Council), Bruce Snead (Kansas State University), and Janet McCabe (Office of Air and Radiation, U.S. EPA) congratulate National Radon Poster Contest first place winner Alec Smith (Guthrie, Oklahoma)

Number of Posters